With the official start of winter looming, those with Hogadon Ski Area say they’re getting closer to opening the facility to skiers and recreationalists for the season.

Anna Wyttenback, a spokesperson with the city of Casper’s Leisure Services Department, says officials with Hogadon hope to open the facility prior to the end of December.

“We did get a little bit of snow up there over the weekend and we did get snow on Friday evening,” Wyttenback said. “We’re hoping to have Hogadon open before the holidays this month, but that’s kind of a partnership thing between Mother Nature and our snow-makers.”

Wyttenback says recent warm weather has made things difficult on staff at the facility.

“Because of the warmer temperatures, it has been hard to keep snow up there, so what we are getting is melting pretty quickly, and we can’t make snow unless it’s cold enough for it to stay,” Wyttenback said. “But the temperature has dropped and things are looking better.”

Wyttenback says first-time season ski passes can be purchased at the Hogadon Ski Area facility and at the Casper Recreation Center for $175.

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