Casper is...special. There's no other way to put it. When it comes to helping out fellow community members, there may not be a better city on earth than Casper, Wyoming.

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For proof of this, look no further than the Thanksgiving Holiday. This year, countless individuals and businesses have taken it upon themselves to ensure that nobody in Casper goes hungry this Thanksgiving.

From the Salvation Army and Joshua's Storehouse, to the Wyoming Rescue Mission, to the 'Birds and Bucks' project and more, everybody, it seems, wants to put the 'Give' in Thanksgiving. We even reported on a Casper couple that purchased 220 family meals from Eggington's, which will end up feeding more than 1,000 people this Thanksgiving.

It has been, in short, an incredible thing to witness.

Which is why we weren't even surprised when we heard about what the ladies at High Plains Adornment are doing.

Photo Courtesy of Halley O'Donnell
Photo Courtesy of Halley O'Donnell

High Plains Adornment is Wyoming's only standalone body piercing studio. According to their section on the La Bottega Suites website, they "offer top of the line high quality body jewelry, as well as an experienced all-female staff to accommodate all of your piercing needs in a private, serene setting."

They also really, really care about the community.

And that's why the two owners of High Plains Adornment, Halley O'Donnell and Nicolle Kravik, are offering free Thanksgiving meals to anybody who needs them on Wednesday, November 23.

"Essentially, we just wanted to donate as much food as we could for the holiday season, because we know the years are just getting incrementally more difficult, it seems," O'Donnell told K2 Radio News. "And Wyoming is too nice of a place to go wanting, so we're just trying to do what we can with what we have."

That seems to be an attitude that is shared by many people this season, and the results have been incredible.

"We want people to come on over when they're available tomorrow," O'Donnell said. "From about 11am to when we close, at 6:00pm. We've got turkeys, hams, or Cornish game hens for meals. We also have sides. So just come on up to La Bottega Suites and drop by the studio. We'll get you fixed up with what you need until we run out."

O'Donnell said that when they announced their plan on social media, they were almost immediately flooded with calls and messages from clients who wanted to help out.

Photo Courtesy of Halley O'Donnell
Photo Courtesy of Halley O'Donnell

"We had people message us out of the blue," she said. "We weren't soliciting any donations; this is just something we wanted to do, kinda of our own volition, just because it's a nice thing to do for folks. And people were just like, 'Yeah, we wanna help out with is.' So we had clients and mutual friends just start Venmo-ing us money. It was nuts."

But it wasn't surprising. Or, at least, it shouldn't have been. This year feels a little different. There's something in the air; something in our hearts. People just want to help out however they can, whether it's by donating food, money, or something else entirely. Countless organizations have collected thousands of dollars worth of Thanksgiving fixings, all the the purpose of making sure that nobody, nobody in Casper goes hungry this Thanksgiving.

It's been an incredible thing to witness; an incredible story to write down. And High Plains Adornment is just another example of the good, of the warmth, of the beauty of Casper and the people who inhabit it.

People just want to help. They just want to share. They just want to give.

High Plains Adornment will be offering Thanksgiving meals from 11am-6pm on Wednesday, November 23 at their studio, located in the La Bottega Suites, 6000 E 2nd Street, in Casper. 

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