Last week, it was announced that Lance Corporal Jerrod Warden, a Marine from Casper, had tragically died. He was brought home on Thursday, December 30 via a short procession and now the Casper Police Department has announced the funeral schedule and the route for another procession, giving community members the opportunity to honor this fallen hero.

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The funeral and procession will take place on Thursday, January 6.

"The funeral service will be held at Highland Park Community Church at 11:00am," the CPD stated. "Following the ceremony, a procession will take place beginning at the church and ending at the Oregon Trail Veteran’s Cemetery."

According to the department, the procession will leave Highland Park Community Church and travel westbound on East 2nd Street to SE Wyoming Boulevard, before traveling northbound on SE Wyoming Boulevard, which turns into Curtis Street in Evansville.

Ultimately, the procession will end at the Oregon Trail Veteran's Cemetary.

The CPD asks that anybody wishing to line the road during the procession is asked to park off of the roadway.

"Please do not stand in the road or enter the procession," the department asks. "Those wishing to meet the procession at the cemetery should park outside of the cemetery, leaving the cemetery parking for family and friends.

The image below details the route of the procession.

It is always tragic when somebody loses their life. It's all the more tragic when that person is so young. Jerrod Warden was 20 years old. He died serving his country and this funeral and procession is a way for the community to acknowledge his sacrifice, and honor his heroism.
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