Governor Gordon is hosting a second 'Governor's Mental health Summit,' on April 18th in Casper.

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This is the Governor's second 'Mental Health Summit,' and it comes at a time when Governor Gordon is making a conscious effort to focus more and more of Wyoming's time, and resources, towards mental health.

In October of 2022, Governor Gordon held the first 'Mental Health Summit.' He was joined by representatives of both the Legislative and Judicial branches of government, as well as Wyoming citizens, to discuss the impacts of early trauma, while discussing the importance of understanding how important it is for Wyoming leadership to develop solutions for Wyoming's mental health challenges.

In 2019, Wyoming was ranked  as 1st in the United States for suicide deaths. It was nearly double the national average, with 14.5 per 100,000 people, according to the Wyoming Department of Health. 

Mental health is a big issue in Wyoming, and the Governor knows that. In fact, he's created a website that strictly deals with mental health in Wyoming. This website provides education and resources, updates the state on legislation dealing with mental health, and more.

Governor Gordon spoke with K2 Radio News about mental health as well, in preparation of his first summit back in October. In the interview, Gordon revealed that the issue of mental health is one that is very important, and personal, to him.

"My introduction to mental health really came when my first wife, who was a remarkable,6'1" tall red-head that was vibrant, mother of two daughters, just an incredible woman, was out running one day and a young man who was on his way to work a little bit late and was distracted hit her, and she passed."

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Suddenly, Gordon was left with two children.

"If any of you have gone through this you know that the entire community comes, and sometimes its a little bit overwhelming, but our community--especially in Wyoming--our community's response is such that we care for one another. We care deeply for one another."

Mental health is personal to Governor Gordon, and that's just one of the reasons why he hosts these events.

"After the success of last fall’s mental health summit, I look forward to continuing the conversation and further engaging Wyoming communities on this important issue," Governor Gordon stated. "I hope that you will consider joining us again either in-person or online.”

Registration for the Mental Health Summit is open today, and can be accessed via this website.

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