An email from the Office of Governor Gordon read that he recently visited the Kemmerer Mine, the TerraPower Natrium site, and the Shute Creek Carbon Capture and Sequestration project.

The Wyoming governor expressed confidence in Wyoming's position as a national leader in energy production.

In Kemmerer, Gordon reassured workers and leaders in the coal mining industry of Wyoming's commitment to coal, saying:

"Fossil fuels are an important part of our state's energy mix and a vital component of any effort to successfully address reasonable climate goals. With innovation, they will continue to be part of our portfolio for the foreseeable future. We must continue to invest in better, cleaner technologies using coal and coal-to-products. Communities like Kemmerer, Rock Springs, and Gillette have grown up because of coal. Workers and their families continue to thrive because our nation needs coal. Our opportunity for a viable economic future depends on our ability to innovate across the energy horizon." 

Gordon participated in a groundbreaking ceremony at the TerraPower Natrium site, which promises to provide safe, clean, and affordable electricity.

Gordon called it "a game-changer in the energy sector" and commended the parties involved for their forward-thinking and collaborative approach.

The Governor ended his day with a visit to Shute Creek, the world’s largest carbon capture facility.

"Shute Creek is a prime example of CO2 management that will define our energy future. Wyoming is committed to developing solutions that strike the right balance between energy development and environmental stewardship so our power plants can meet emission standards and continue to provide reliable, affordable energy to Wyoming and beyond," Governor Gordon said.

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