Recently, cases of fentanyl overdoses have been popping in the news, leading many to believe that there is currently a fentanyl epidemic in the country. Officials from various agencies are speaking about the dangers of fentanyl and the effects the drug induces.

Governor Mark Gordon is one of those officials, as a press release from the governor's office recently re-educated the public on what fentanyl actually is, who it affects, and who is to blame for its resurgence in the country.

Governor Gordon posits that it's President Biden's fault.

According to the release from the Governor's office, emergency responders are seeing more and more of an increase in fentanyl overdoses around Wyoming, as well as fentanyl seizures by law enforcement officials.

"Even small doses of the powerful opioid can be lethal," the release stated. "Fentanyl has shown up in Wyoming in both powder or a pill form and it may be used to contaminate other illicit drugs without the user knowing."

While this may be true, it's important to note, despite rumors, that simply touching fentanyl will not kill a person.

Still, the effects of the drug are potent...and dangerous. There are multiple reasons for the drug's resurgence in the country, and in the state, but Governor Gordon insists that it's President Biden's fault.

"Wyoming residents should be aware of the growing dangers and very real impacts to our communities as a result of this drug threat brought on by the Biden Administration’s refusal to address border security,” Governor Gordon said. “It’s going to take a coordinated approach to tackle this issue. I am asking residents to educate themselves and understand how lethal and pervasive this drug is.”

The release included data provided by the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI), as well as the Wyoming Department of Health, both of which show an increase in the presence of fentanyl in Wyoming.

"In 2019 Wyoming had 17 reported synthetic opioid-involved overdose deaths among residents," the release stated. "In 2021 that number jumped to 42, and 17 deaths have been recorded in the first few months of 2022, according to the Wyoming Department of Health. DCI data shows that the number of fentanyl cases among all law-enforcement agencies more than doubled between 2019 and 2021, rising from 15 to 38. Since 2020 there has been a 200% increase in the number of items containing suspected fentanyl that have been analyzed by the State Crime Lab."

Governor Gordon stated that he has asked his cabinet to develop a plan to combat the fentanyl problem in Wyoming, and asking that once they think of ideas, that they bring them to him.

The release also noted that Wyoming recently sent several law enforcement representatives to a training session in Arizona for the purpose of combatting illicit drug trafficking across the border.

“I am joining other Governors  to take back our Southern Border and dismantle the cartels’ drug trafficking activities,” Governor Gordon said.

Law enforcement agencies, as well as emergency medical service providers have begun to utilize naloxone, a recovery medicine designed to reverse an opioid overdose. Wyoming has also applied for the federal State Opioid Response Grant, which would allow for more distribution of naxolone.

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