Lovers of Halloween, mark your calendars. From Oct. 25 to Oct. 31, the Casper Heritage Harvest Festival will be holding a range of immersive experiences to feed your inner goblin and help promote historic preservation in the community.

Events will include a Vintage Handmade Halloween Experience by Candlelight Frights -- this goes down at the Isaac Walton Clubhouse behind Fort Caspar. There will be an early show from 6-9 PM and a late show with  a VIP Experience from 9-midnight for on Oct. 25, 26, 27, 28, and 31.It is an all ages event and malt beverages and Halloween themed treats are available for purchase.

There will also be a kid-friendly event on Halloween from 4-6 PM that allows families to experience the fun, but without all the super scary stuff.

The Casper Ghostbusters Ecto Interceptor Paranormal Investigation invites the public to delve into the spooky secrets of the Elks Club and meet spirits that linger in the club's corners. All proceeds go to benefit the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center Foundation, Downtown Historic Preservation Commission, and Casper Historical Society.

And finally, in alliance with the Casper Historical Society, the Theater of the Poor will be performing "The Lesson" from October 20-22, 27-29, and Nov. 3-5. Each weekend there will be Sunday matinees at 2 PM. Tickets are not yet on sale on Theater of the Poor's website, but will soon be on sale after "The Senator" is over.

When you bundle a Candlelight Fright ticket, a Casper Ghostbusters Elks Club paranormal investigation ticket, and a Theater of the Poor Ticket, you'll save $15 total ($5 off of each event).

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Owner of Candlelight Frights, Azriel Anthony told K2Radio News that his appreciation for history is in his blood. He is a historian and fourth generation Natrona County Pioneer whose Eagle Scout project was to save Casper's first church (the Pioneer Church at the fairgrounds which remains there today).

"I've always been interested in local historyand generating an interest in local historic preservation" said Azriel. "So many of our historic buildings in town have been purchased and changed to be unrecognizable, and with each generation, more of our local history is lost.  We applaud the efforts of those like Brucke Braun who are renovating the Atrium Plaza to restore its historic facade, and groups like the Casper Downtown Historic Preservation Commission and individuals like Connie Thompson who, for example, ensured that the iconic Wells Fargo (formerly First Interstate) clock tour on the Casper skyline remains in place."

Azriel became interested in the fusion of horror and history to teach others about Halloween traditions and their rich cultural diversity.

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