Ayres Natural Bridge is one of my favorite places in Wyoming. I try to visit at least once a year. This year a group of cliff swallows have claimed the Natural Bridge as their domicile. The birds are very active along the rock face. Their homes are clusters of mud nests clustered in a long line across the limestone rock. You can hear the young birds chirping inside the little hallows. The mama and daddy birds make regular trips in and out of the nest to feed their young ones. The sight is quite tranquil with the sound of the rushing water of La Prele Creek.

This year the park had a lot of bugs, too. I suppose that's why the birds called it home this year. A few years back, the grounds were full of fairy gardens. I didn't find too many this year.

Regardless, Ayres is always a great spot for a picnic, hike, or photo destination. Just a few miles off of the Oregon Trail, it has been a "tourist" destination for centuries. The natural arch is free to visit and a short drive off I-25. According to ConverseCountyTourism.com, it is one of three natural bridges with water still flowing beneath them. The red canyon walls and the cool stream have left an impression on many humans and apparently some birds, too.

The Hidden Treasures Of Wyoming's Natural Bridge

Look closely, there are gems you might miss.

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