Developers in rural Utah who want to create big underground caverns to store hydrogen fuel won approval for a $504 million federal loan this spring. They plan to convert the site of a 40-year-old coal plant to cleanly-made hydrogen by 2045. The seasonal storage project is one of of several undertakings that could help determine how big a role hydrogen will play in providing reliable, carbon-free energy in the future. In Utah, it's won support across the political spectrum. Officials hope efforts to transition the power plant to cleanly-made hydrogen could offset job loss in the declining coal industry.

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Code Of The West: Wyoming State Code of Ethics

"The Code of the West" was declared the official state code of Wyoming, and the act was signed into law on March 3rd, 2010. Wyoming is the first state to adopt a code of ethics. The legislation chose ten ethics derived from the book "Cowboy Ethics" by James P. Owen

SEE: 39 Hot Cars On Display In Wyoming

The goal of this gallery is not to provide every detail of every car, their modifications and their owners.

This was just a cool car show in Casper Wyoming.

Not matter if the people attending were into cars or not.

There was a lot of OHHH and AHHH's heard up and down every street.

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