The Evansville Police Department has a suspect in custody after they had to chase him, draw their guns, and eventually taze him.

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Joshua McLean was arrested and charged with: Property Destruction, Shoplifting, Eluding/Interference, and Disorderly Conduct.

That's according to a post on the Evansville Police Department Facebook page, who wrote that "At approximately 4:56 pm the police dept was dispatched to the Loaf and Jug for a report of property damage and suspected shop lifting."

Shortly after getting that call, police were also called to perform a welfare check at the Super 8, located across the street from the Loaf and Jug.

Police determined that the individual for whom the welfare check was called also happened to be the suspect accused of shop lifting and property damage.

When police approached the man at the motel, the suspect jumped out of the motel window and ran away.

A brief foot pursuit involving officers commenced.

"Two officer were able to catch up to the individual, were there a brief standoff at gun point as officers attempted to get the suspect to comply with orders," the Evansville Police Department wrote. "The individual refused to cooperate with officers. About ten minutes into attempting to get the suspect under control officers deployed a electronic control device known as a Taser to gain control of the uncooperative suspect and situation."
The EPD reported that EMS was also called to the scene to check on the male after he was taken into custody. They found no injuries.

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