Yesterday Evansville Police officers were called to a citizen complaint about a female soliciting others for sex at a local gas station.

During the investigation, officers learned that Illinois resident Ashley Kinsey had a non extraditable warrant out of Missouri.

Kinsley made statements about working internationally and globally.

The reporting party told officers they were one of the the individual who Kinsey asked how much they would pay her to have sex with them.

Officer McFall arrested and charged Kinsey at the end of the investigation for prostitution.

Prostitution, as defined by Wyoming Statutes Section 6-4-101, occurs when a person “knowingly or intentionally performs or permits, or offers or agrees to perform or permit an act of sexual intrusion… for money or other property.”

Both prostitution and soliciting a prostitute are misdemeanor offenses. In each case, a conviction carries a maximum punishment of six months in jail and a fine of up to $750. The most serious prostitution offense in Wyoming, aside from human trafficking, is promoting prostitution.

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