With school back in session Tuesday, Natrona County School District officials are reminding motorists to exercise caution while around students traveling by bus or foot to school.

Dean Broughton, the district’s student support services director, says motorists should always observe the law and use reasonable judgment when near a stopped school bus.

“People should always follow practice and state statute,” Broughton said. “You don’t go around a bus, and I think we all need to take common sense and don’t assume kids are going to dart out or around a school bus.”

Broughton also says that, if the child is traveling to school by foot, parents should go over walking routes and instructions with them prior to school.

“It’s very important the parent talks with the child and lets them know they need to go straight to school, don’t be talking to strangers, and I’d recommend that, if at all possible, that a couple of kids go together,” Broughton said.

Broughton also reminds parents that district elementary schools throughout Natrona County have adopted a uniform start time of 8:40 a.m. this year.