Police are releasing details of a police situation that caused two Natrona County Schools to be briefly locked down.

According to Casper Police Sgt. Rich Brown, says that they received a report of an unknown assailant attacking a man with a knife, on the 1000 block of Cedar street near Casper.  The incident was reported approximately three blocks from Natrona County High School and approximately six blocks from Park Elementary School.

"Anytime there's a school in the area, we want to take that precaution especially if we have an armed assailant," says Sgt. Brown.  Natrona County School District 1 received the request to lock down the schools just before 2:00, Wednesday afternoon.  "Until we've actually established a perimeter and cleared the perimeter, we just do it as a precautionary measure."

The schools reopened about twenty minutes after the initial lockdown.

Police say that the man who reported that he was attacked was not seriously injured.  No arrests have been made in the case, and police say they found no individuals in the area, matching the victims description of the alleged assailant.  Sgt. Brown says the investigation is ongoing.

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