Along with millions of fellow viewers, the Paramount Network’s Yellowstone has made my Sunday evenings a ‘must-see television’ night. The fourth season finale which aired Sunday night has left us all with unanswered story lines, making us anxious for season five which goes into production this May.

I do have one comment for Kevin Costner, the Executive Producer and star of this enormously popular program: maybe in future episodes you could lay off Wyoming and dump those dead bodies in some other neighboring states. North or South Dakota are close, or travel west to Idaho, maybe even up to Canada. At least twice during the past seasons, I have viewed characters disposing of the bodies of people they have killed in a location they call the Train Station, seemingly a mysterious bottomless ravine -- once by Rip and once when the senior Mr. Dutton killed his opponent in an old-fashioned gun fight. Each time the ‘Forever West’ Wyoming highway sign shows up just before the victims are tossed.

Is the Train Station a real place? I will let you, dear reader, do that research on your own, but I have heard rumors about a real-life ‘Zone of Death.’

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