The Super Bowl is this Sunday.

Officials with the Casper Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit say additional officers will be on patrol this weekend trying to keep the streets safe and free of impaired drivers.

Sgt. Pete Abrams says this is one of the busiest weekends of the year for law enforcement.

“It is one of the, what we call, ‘drinking holidays.’” Abrams said. “We do have a tendency to have more alcohol-related incidents over the Super Bowl weekend, so we adjust our staffing and add staffing accordingly.”

Abrams recommends overly-celebratory football fans partying away from their homes to elect a designated driver prior to the start of the big game. Abrams does say, however, that other options are available.

“We prefer they use the traditional means, which is having a sober driver,” Abrams said. “In addition to that, there’s always the Tipsy Taxi service that is offered.”

More information about Tipsy Taxi services can be found by calling (307) 234-8294.

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