At least half of the total COVID-19 hospitalizations in Wyoming from COVID-19 are in Fremont County, the health officer there said in a video published Wednesday.

Fremont County Public Health Officer Dr. Brian Gee said, of the 16 reported hospitalizations statewide as of Monday, Fremont County has 50 percent of those patients.

Of the patients hospitalized in Fremont County, more than half are critically ill and on ventilators.

County-by-county hospitalization data was not readily available. Natrona County hasn't had any hospitalizations due to the disease as of Wednesday.

Fremont County has a total of 25 reported positive COVID-19 cases but more than 600 people there have been asked to self-isolate due to showing symptoms of the respiratory disease.

According to the Wyoming Department of Health, 164 COVID-19 tests have been administered in Fremont County.

"The hundreds of patients were and are people young and old who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection," Gee said. "The young are not immune.

"Our county currently has three patients under 60 who are seriously or critically ill."

Statewide, 13% of cases have reported being hospitalized. However, the state could only confirm 67 percent have not been hospitalized, leaving 20 percent of those unknown.

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