'Tis the season in Casper as the switch was thrown Sunday night (November 20th), to welcome in the winter holiday season.

About 65 trees, decorated with holiday lights were lit up for the first time, at Casper's Conwell Park...or Holiday Square as it's now called for next month and a half.

It's a tradition put on by the Wyoming Medical Center for the past 14 years.

Eric Valdez who is the Center's Marketing Manager, says this is the time to turn on the lights, because most people are starting to get ready for the winter holiday events.

Valdez: "Holiday square is a great way for us to start off the holiday season here in Casper. Bring people out serve some hot chocolate, and just kind of get the season started off before Thanksgiving and before everybody gets too busy with everything that goes along with Thanksgiving and Christmas."

Valdez also says the lights are for passing motorists or for anyone who wants to walk through the park and take a look...but they're especially for the patients inside the hospital, who may have had their holiday spirits dampened a bit recently.

Valdez: "When we first started this, the idea was that as people are in the hospital over the holidays, it can be a very depressing time and so, having the lights in the park across the street from the hospital is a great way to kind of give something for those patients to look at and enjoy, while they're confined to their rooms healing and getting better."

The lights will be on from dusk until dawn everyday between now and just after the New Years' Holiday.

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