Update 1:20 p.m. Tuesday: City officials say they've closed six smaller tree branch collection sites. The Ag. Extension, Viking Court, YMCA, Wyoming Boulevard near Fairside Road, McKinley Street and 25th Street and North Casper Recycling Depot locations have been closed after reaching capacity.

Assistant public services director Pete Meyers says six high-capacity sites remain open: Mike Sedar Park, a new site at the Natrona County fairgrounds, Iris Street at Valley Drive, Bryan Stock Trail north of K Street, Wyoming Boulevard near 21st Street and the site at the Balefill Compost Yard.

Meyers says, as of Monday, one site has processed nearly one million cubic feet of branches.


Original story: City officials have opened several additional drop-off locations for downed trees and branches following last week’s record storm that dumped over 16 inches of snow on parts of Casper.

Officials with the city of Casper’s public services department say the city is now operating 10 drop-off locations. Pete Meyers, an assistant public services director for the city of Casper, says the city is recommending the use of one site in particular.

“Our preferred site right now is our Mike Sedar Park location – it’s just off College Drive and across the street from Fire Station No. 2,” Meyers said. “We have our large wood chipper there, we have traffic control set up and it should be a good experience for customers.”

Meyers says several thousand trees were damaged during last week’s storm. He says, since Saturday, about 50 city workers have been working daily 12-hour shifts trying to clear roads and pathways.

Meyers says, despite the effort from city crews, he doesn’t quite know when Casper streets will be clear again.

“I think it’s still too early to tell – certainly, we’re going to be out throughout this week and probably for a couple of weeks after this,” Meyers said. “This is a major operation – this was a storm that we’re going to be talking about a decade from now.”

“I believe that we’ve made a good dent of progress over the weekend, but the fight has only just begun,” Meyers said.

Meyers says the city is offering a city collection option for current residential trash collection customers. He says those who opt for city collection will need to pile their branches next to trash pick-up sites. Branches will also have to be cut into five foot lengths.

Meyers says branches will be picked up on extra collection days.

City officials also say they remain concerned about resident safety. Meyers says the city recommends residents call professionals if they’re trying to remove branches still dangling from trees, especially if those trees are near power lines.

Meyers says commercial haulers are being asked to take branches to the Casper Regional Landfill directly.

Current list of city-operated drop-off sites:
- Mike Sedar Park south of College Drive
- Iris Street at Valley Drive
- The University of Wyoming Agriculture Extension Building on Fairgrounds Road
- Viking Court off Blackmore Road near the Wyoming Boulevard intersection.
- Bryan Stock Trail north of K Street
- YMCA near 15th Street and Wolcott Avenue
- Wyoming Boulevard near Fairside Road
- Wyoming Boulevard near 21st Street
- At the corner of McKinley Street and 25th Street
- Balefill Compost Yard