The City of Casper has corrected a problem with a water storage tank that led to concerns of potential drinking water contamination, according to statements issued by city officials on Tuesday.

The water was never unsafe for consumption, according to Jolene Martinez of the public services department.

City officials announced last week that dead mice had been discovered in a water storage tank, and testing was conducted to ensure the city's drinking water was not contaminated.

On Wednesday, Andrew Beamer, director of the city's public services department, said in a statement that all samples tested negative for contamination. The water tank was isolated from the drinking water system, and precautionary work commenced.

Since then, the tank has been drained, cleaned and disinfected. The city says flushing was conducted on certain parts of the water distribution system. Subsequent water testing has shown that the system remains free of contamination.

Martinez says the city worked closely with the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure the public water system met all standards of the Safe Water Drinking Act.

In a Tuesday statement, the city also announced that the EPA had closed its administrative order issued to the city last week.

"We are pleased to confirm that at no time was city drinking water unsafe for consumption," Beamer said in Tuesday's statement. "Despite early testing that showed no contamination in the system, we took additional precautions and drained and cleaned the tank and flushed targeted area of the water distribution system."

Beamer also said that the seal between the roof and the tank -- an issue cited in last week's announcement of the issue -- had been repaired.


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