A Buffalo Wild Wings employee was arrested over the weekend after Cheyenne Police say he broke into a co-worker's apartment and stole a pair of sunglasses.

Officer Dan Long, a spokesman for the department, says 24-year-old Joshua Reid broke into the residence, located in the 5200 block of Sunset Drive, sometime Saturday night.

"Their door was unlocked and so he went in through the unlocked door," said Long. "Still, he didn't have permission to be there and he committed a larceny, so that's a felony."

Long says officers were able to contact Reid at his place of employment on Sunday. When questioned about the sunglasses, Reid told officers "they might be at my place."

"So they go back to the place and he gives them the sunglasses and then they arrested him there," said Long.

Reid was arrested for burglary. His preliminary hearing in scheduled for October 12 in Laramie County Circuit Court.