Three women and a man were arrested Thursday night after a routine house visit by probation and parole officers resulted in police breaking up an alleged drug deal and finding meth and meth paraphernalia in an apartment where a child lived.

Nicole Daniell Romo, 40, was booked on charges of methamphetamine possession and child endangerment with methamphetamine.

Deborah Maxine Beyer, 59, was arrested for methamphetamine possession and probation sanctions.

Mike Arner and Crystal Guseman were taken into custody for probation sanctions.

Charging papers say Casper police detectives assisted probation and parole agents with a routine house at about 6:15 p.m. Thursday after learning that Guseman had not been complying with the terms of her probation.

Police arrived at Guseman's apartment building in an unmarked vehicle and one officer allegedly saw a drug deal taking place between Arner and Romo near the open door of Romo's black passenger car.

Arner and Romo saw officers and immediately stepped away from the car before closing the door, affidavits say.

Officers reportedly knew Arner and Romo to be users of methamphetamine. Police got out of their vehicle and told Romo of the compliance check on Guseman's apartment. Romo told officesr she also lived in the apartment with Guseman.

Romo quickly walked ahead of officers into the apartment and "made a beeline" for her bedroom.

Officers entered the apartment and saw Beyer sitting at the kitchen table. When officers went to search her purse, Beyer allegedly reached into her purse and grabbed a methamphetamine pipe, which she tried to hide behind her back.

Police retrieved the pipe. Beyer reportedly said it belonged to Guseman and Romo. Officers also allegedly found a jeweler's bag with methamphetamine residue inside Beyer's purse.

When police found Beyer's meth pipe, Romo became irate and very protective over her bedroom and her car. She didn't want police to search her room.

Officers believed, based on the apartment occupants reportedly feigning surprise when the meth pipe was found, that more drugs were stashed in the apartment.

So, an officer went back to the police department to type up a warrant. As he was working on it, a detective back at Guseman's apartment called the officer.

The detective said, according to court documents, that Romo had been allowed in her bedroom to retrieve personal possessions.

But Romo allegedly "took advantage of detectives' kindness" and, instead of getting her personal effects, she discretely grabbed two four-gram bags of meth from her bedroom and tried to throw them into the toilet.

She was unsuccessful in that effort and was quickly arrested.

Detectives got a signed search warrant for the apartment and for Romo's vehicle shortly after 8 p.m.

In Romo's room, detectives found 12 grams of meth -- which was turned over to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation -- in Romo's purse and closet, hypodermic needles and a meth pipe.

Detectives note in the affidavit that all the drugs and paraphernalia were easily accessible to a child who lived in the bedroom next to Romo's room. The child was not in the apartment at the time of the search.

The child was taken into protective custody before being turned over to suitable family members.

Beyer, Arner and Guseman were all arrested as well.

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