In response to recently implemented water restrictions, the City of Casper is closing its splash pads along with turning off its decorative fountains and cutting irrigations to its parks and facilities.

City pools will remain open, according to a news release on Thursday.

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It's unclear if any privately run facilities will follow suit.

According to Thursday's announcement, city-operates splash pads are located at Marion Kreiner and Mike Sedar parks.

Fountains are located at City Hall, the 21st Street roundabout and Historic Monuments Plaza on Beech Street.

City officials restressed that the restrictions do not apply to facilities that use raw or well water. Those include:

  • Fort Caspar
  • Paradise Valley Park
  • Casper Municipal Golf Course
  • Crossroads Park Ballfields
  • Adventure Playground
  • Mike Lansing Field
  • Ford Wyoming Center
  • The skeet range
  • Air modelers facility
  • Wells Park
  • North Casper Athletic Complex
  • Field of Dreams Baseball Complex

The restrictions, which were announced Wednesday, are due to a chemical used at a water treatment plant being in short supply.

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