Thanks to a chemical shortage at a water treatment plant, Casper and surrounding areas are under a water restriction.

Wednesday's announced restrictions come less than two weeks after city officials issued a conservation request. According to the announcement, there was a dip in water use, but it wasn't enough for officials to take the possibility of a full irrigation ban off the table.

Beth Andress, a city spokesperson, said the "number one priority" is having a water supply for drinking and household us.

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"[B]y limiting irrigation we can do just that," Andress said in a news release. "Unfortunately, this means that if irrigation usage does not decline to a sufficient level, a full irrigation ban may be issued."

And, if residents see green lawns or playing fields in Casper, it doesn't necessarily mean they're being watered with city water.

All four golf courses in Casper, City of Casper athletic facilities and some parks use well or raw river water for irrigation.

"You may feel that becasue a golf course is watering or that some playing field is green you can ignore this request, but these facilities do not use treated water and are exempt from this request," Andress said in the news release.

Affected areas include:

  • City of Casper
  • Mile-Hi Improvement District
  • Salt Creek Joint Powers Board (Midwest and Edgerton)
  • Wardwell Water & Sewer District (Wardwell and Bar Nunn)
  • Pioneer Water & Sewer District
  • Poison Spider Improvement District 33
  • Mile Road Improvement and Service District
  • Sandy Lake Estate Improvement District
  • Lakeview Improvement & Service District

According to the announcement, water conservation practices include:

  • Watering no more than twice a week
  • Watering lawns and gardens during cooler hours. Don't water from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Avoiding watering during windy conditions
  • Reparing leaking sprinkler systems
  • Don't allow water to pool or run along gutters or alleyways
  • Reduce vehicle washing frequency. Use a hose nozzle with an automatic shut off when washing vehicles
  • Use a broom instead of water to clean hard surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways.
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