Officials with the Casper Recreation Center say they’re preparing for the center's annual influx of individuals looking to accomplish New Year’s resolutions related to weight loss and living healthier lifestyles.

Jennifer Haines, the recreation supervisor for the Casper Recreation Center, says increased January turnout is something recreation center officials often see.

"People are usually ready to come out and either lose some weight or start whatever resolution they have," Haines said. "Generally, every year, everybody gets into that 'Fitness first!' type of thing - I think the biggest thing is actually keeping folks here, though."

Haines says the recreation center offers multiple fitness programs for all individuals regardless of ability. She also says free classes are provided for those looking to try out a new fitness regimen.

"I'd recommend (residents) stop in for some of our classes - you can actually try those for free the first time," Haines said. "We also have some personal trainers that we can get folks hooked up with to go through the equipment with them the first time if they're not familiar with using cardio or weight equipment."

Information on recreation center programs and classes can be found at the Casper Recreation Center’s website.

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