The Casper Police Department has officially called a 'Snow Day' for the department.

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That's according to a post on the CPD Facebook Page, in which the department wrote that the snow day was due to 'an overwhelming amount of accidents being reported within the city, and due to the private wreckers on our rotation also being overwhelmed.'

The CPD wrote that they will only be responding to reports of crashes that involve injury or crashes that block traffic.

"If you are involved in a crash involving injury, immediately call 911," the CPD wrote. "If you are involved in a crash where the vehicles are disabled and cannot be moved from traffic, call 911."

But, they wrote, if you are not injured and your vehicles don't need to be removed, you should handle the situation yourselves.

The CPD offered the following steps to take if you're involved in an accident that hasn't resulted in injury or disabled vehicles:

1) EXCHANGE ALL INFORMATION - use your cell phones to grab photos of the damages to your vehicles, the driver's license and proof of insurance for the other party, and the license plates of the other vehicles.

2) At a later time, Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - contact out Community Service Officers at our front desk, 235-8469, to make an official crash report. Have as much information available as possible at the time of the report.

"If either party refuses to exchange information, please contact our department at the non-emergent phone number 307-235-8278," the department wrote. "Please know that due to high call volume and officers driving in poor weather, response times may be longer than normal."

The CPD also stated that if the other party refuses to exchange information and insists on leaving, take as many photographs as possible of the vehicle, but do not attempt to stop them from leaving.

Most importantly, the CPD wrote, slow down, use extra caution, and wear your seatbelts!

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