A homeless man and a Casper resident were arrested late Monday after Casper police stopped a pickup truck and allegedly found drugs in the vehicle.

Wesley Adam Dabbs, 31, was booked into jail on charges of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and driving while under suspension.

Bryce A. Dacus, 20, was arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of methamphetamine as a third or subsequent offense.

According to a police affidavit, an officer was southbound on Poplar Street near West 13th Street shortly before 11 p.m. when he saw a green 2002 GMC Sierra with a temporary registration.

The officer saw the registration's expiration date was completely covered by a black license plate bracket, reportedly making the date illegible, and stopped the pickup.

Dabbs was driving and Dacus was in the passenger seat, charging papers say, with a 20-year-old woman and two teenage girls in the back seat. Dabbs reportedly told the officer that he did not have a driver's license in his possession, but did have a valid license in Alabama.

Dacus said the truck belonged to his uncle, and produced an envelope containing valid proof of insurance and temporary registration in his uncle's name.

However, the officer smelled marijuana coming from inside the truck and saw smoke within the vehicle. He asked Dabbs to get out of the truck and requested a back-up officer.

Dabbs allegedly admitted to having recently smoked a joint, and said there was some marijuana 'on the passenger side' of the pickup. The officer found no contraband on Dabbs' person.

Dispatch informed the officer that Dabbs had an outstanding Evansville warrant for failure to comply, and that Dabbs' Alabama driver's license was suspended. The officer arrested Dabbs as another officer arrived.

Police also asked Dacus to get out of the pickup, and an officer spoke to him at the back of the truck. Dacus also allegedly admitted there was marijuana in the pickup and said he had smoked marijuana with Dabbs in the vehicle before being pulled over.

Dacus, like Dabbs, did not have any drugs on him when searched. Dacus allegedly said the marijuana was "in the backpack," and pointed police to a black backpack that had been on the passenger side floorboard near Dacus' feet.

An officer allegedly saw marijuana shake on the center console, as well as a partially-smoked joint in the glovebox. Based on what he'd seen, the officer arrested Dacus for possession of marijuana and put him into the back of a patrol car.

The 20-year-old woman and one of the teenage girls told police they were sisters, and were friends with the other teen. They all denied using marijuana, said they had no idea who had been smoking and claimed they did not know to whom the backpack belonged.

Police searched the backpack and allegedly found a black canister containing two bags of marijuana. Also in the backpack were three black zipper cases -- one case contained a glass marijuana pipe and two baggies of crystal meth, and another case contained a number of small baggies, rolling papers and a miniature "butcher knife" allegedly used to separate or cut drugs.

The backpack also allegedly contained a scale and other paraphernalia.

Dabbs allegedly admitted the backpack was his and said he was the owner of the marijuana pipe, but denied any knowledge of the marijuana.

The 20-year-old woman and teenage girls were released to their parents. Dabbs and Dacus were taken to jail.

At the jail, Dabbs allegedly admitted to a nurse and an officer that he used meth, had previously used heroin and recently used meth with Dacus. Dabbs reportedly said, "I just had baby hits," admitting the meth was also his and saying, "It was in my bag," according to court documents.

A blue bag found in the pickup allegedly contained a pack of cigarettes, inside of which was a glass meth pipe and three baggies. One of those baggies contained .45 grams of meth.

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