A judge ordered a Casper man held on a $50,000 bond for two felony charges and one misdemeanor during intitial appearances in Natrona County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Judge Nichole Collier said Manuel Moreno is charged with:

  •  Aggravated Assualt and Battery
  • Strangulation of a Household Member
  • Knowingly Causing Bodily Harm

According to the affidavit, on or about September 16th, at about 6:14 PM Casper police officers were dispatched for a reported family fight.

The victim alleged that her husband, Manuel Moreno, hit her and she was currently four months pregnant.

She alleged that Moreno struck her in the face and choked her.

The victim told police they had been married for approximately one year. She had been cooking dinner while Moreno consumed alcohol and listened to music, according to the affidavit.

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She said an argument ensued after Moreno said he wanted to go to a restaurant for dinner, but she did not want him leaving due to his intoxication.

According to the interview with Moreno's wife, she told her husband she was going to throw away his remaining beers. She said Moreno pushed her and then grabbed her by the neck and throat. She later informed police officers that he used his other hand to cover her mouth and nose suffocating her for approximately fifteen seconds and stated "f*cking die b*tch."

The victim said she was struck on her face as she exited the kitchen. She believed she was hit three to four times in the face and top of head. She said she "became scared, grabbed a broom, and struck Moreno in the head and body with the handle portion of the broom." She told officers she then locked herself in the bathroom and called the cops.

During the investigation the officers asked Moreno why his wife's neck and throat were red. Moreno said he had pushed her away from him demonstrating to officers pushing away with two hands in a choking motion.

The police asked Moreno why his wife's face was red. Moreno stated he had hit her several times, demonstrating an open hand slap, stating he had struck her after she attacked him with a broom.

During initial appearances the State said Moreno is currently on parole for aggravated robbery.

Moreno argued with the Judge throughout and made several comments to the State including: "F*ck that DA, F*ck that DA" and "I hate you guys' state. I want to get the f*ck out of your state."

If Moreno does not bond out in ten days he will have a preliminary hearing during which the state presents evidence that a crime was committed and that he probably committed it.

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