Casper area educators will have a unique opportunity to fly with the Civil Air Patrol this Saturday, as part of their Teacher Orientation Program or TOP.

Formerly known as the "Fly-a-Teacher Program," TOP provides the opportunity for teachers to experience orientation flights in CAP aircraft.

The intent of TOP, according to Col. John Mitchell, Wyoming Wing CAP Commander, is to provide an experience to teachers so they can transfer their impressions to their students.

Mitchell said,

"This is more than a free flight,we are hoping these teachers will help mentor their young students who are interested in a career in aviation and encourage them to get involved with CAP."

Educators must be enrolled as CAP aerospace education members and must be involved with a student's education.  Interested individuals from administration to aides can register for CAP's Aerospace Education Membership program on the CAP website.

If they are interested in flying on Saturday, to call Lt. Joe Feiler, CAP member and Kelly Walsh teacher at 307-267-2411.