A husband and wife were arrested early Monday after an attempted traffic stop allegedly led police to find methamphetamine and syringes in a home where two children lived.

Andrew G. Berg, 41, and 45-year-old Dana M. Berg were each booked into jail on recommended charges of meth possession and two counts of child endangerment by methamphetamine.

Court documents say police were advised by an unnamed source that the people living in a home on South Washington were using and selling methamphetamine. An officer tried to make a traffic stop on a vehicle, but the vehicle didn't stop, and the officer elected to not give chase.

A gas station attendant said a woman -- who was in the vehicle that took off -- left the gas station in a Jeep Cherokee. The registration of that Jeep reportedly had a listed address matching the suspected address on South Washington, so the officer returned to that address.

The officer found the Jeep in the driveway, and the hood was still warm to the touch. The officer spoke to Andrew Berg, who allegedly admitted to having picked the unidentified female up from the attempted traffic stop. Berg said he dropped her off at some apartments on East 12th Street.

"Berg said only his wife and children were inside [the home], which was untrue," court documents say. Berg reportedly allowed the officer to enter the home and search for people.

The officer then found three people hiding in a bedroom in the southeast corner of the house. Afterward, the officer met with Dana Berg in the northwest corner of the home and, as the two spoke, the officer allegedly noticed a white powdery substance scattered on a dresser. Syringe caps were also laid out on the dresser, according to the affidavit.

Dana Berg said the syringe caps belonged to her husband, Andrew Berg, and said he did not have any medical condition which would require him to use syringes. Dana Berg allegedly went on to tell the officer that drugs were in the room.

Both Dana and Andrew Berg consented to a search of their bedroom. Dana Berg reportedly told the officer to check a pair of pants that Andrew Berg had been wearing earlier in the day.

Inside the pants, the officer allegedly found a snack-sized plastic bag and a jeweler's bag, both of which contained methamphetamine. The officer stopped her search and got a search warrant before continuing.

Methamphetamine paraphernalia was also allegedly found in rooms where children's toys were present, in the kitchen garbage and in the Bergs' bedroom. Police say the syringes and residue baggies were within reach of the children, had children been in the room.

Police took custody of two children and turned them over to the Wyoming Department of Family Services. The drug paraphernalia was collected and tested positive for methamphetamine. The meth weighed over half a gram.

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