Two Casper City Council members on Tuesday thanked city street crews for their work to clear the roads clogged by more than a foot of snow that fell in the past two days, and one had an admonishment for residents.

"We take them for granted all too often, and they worked very long hours in difficult conditions with the wind blowing the snow right back on to the roads they just plowed, and that happens over and over again," Charlie Powell said.

"And they just keep at it and keep at it, and so they all deserve our thanks," Powell said.

Steve Cathey echoed Powell's compliments.

Cathey also chided some residents behaving badly with their shoveling.

"I would also like to remind the public you cannot plow your snow into the street," he said.

He saw three people do just that in the past week, Cathey said.

"Now my tax money and your tax money is going to pick that snow up and haul it off," he said.

"That needs to stop; your snow needs to stay on your property," Cathey said.

The Sunday through Tuesday storm cleanup continues, but the winter weather isn't over yet this week.

The National Weather Service Riverton office is predicting more snow from Wednesday night to Friday night, although the accumulation will be far less than Monday.

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