Four city council candidates in the wards in central and west Casper, and two in the ward in east Casper will advance to the general election after Tuesday's primary, according to the unofficial results from the Natrona County Clerk's Office.

In the Nov. 3 general election, voters in Ward I in central Casper and in Ward II in west Casper will choose two of those four candidates in the nonpartisan council race, and voters in Ward III in west Casper will choose one.

In Ward I, the four candidates who will appear on the general election ballot are Amber Pollock, Margaret Bloom, Bruce H. Knell, Jr., and Gabriel Phillips. Candidate Tim Hamre withdrew his name from the field of five.

Pollock received the most votes in the primary, 1,536, or 32.7% of the total 4,699 votes cast.

Bloom came in second with 1,129, or 24%, of the total.

In Ward II, the four candidates who will appear on the general election ballot are Kyle Gamroth, Lisa Engebretsen, incumbent Kenneth Bates and Edis Allen.

Candidates Dale Zimmerle and Quinn Snow lost their bids.

In Ward III, incumbent Steve Cathey received the most votes, 1,780, or 47.3% of the total 3,760 votes cast.

Cathey will face Michael H. McIntosh who receive 1,230 votes, or 21.8% of the total votes.

Woody Warren lost his Ward III bid.


A previous story about the Casper City Council race was in error and was taken down.

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