Two weeks after a question about whether using an online subscriber service featuring a lot of porn would violate a proposed revision of a public indecency ordinance, the Casper City Council on Tuesday changed the language and passed it.

The proposed revisions would more clearly spell out prostitution and human trafficking and give law enforcement a way to investigate and prosecute, City Attorney John Henley said in a memo.

On Feb. 2, the council was about to vote on the third reading before the ordinance would take effect.

But Kyle Gamroth saw a problem with the language about "performance prostitution," saying it could possibly make criminals of subscribers to OnlyFans, who pay someone online to do anything from just talk to perform sex acts.

Gamroth added he is not a subscriber to OnlyFans, and he favors the ordinance's emphasis on dealing with sex trafficking and prostitution.

Assistant City Attorney Wallace Trembath said Gamroth had a point and the language in the proposed revisions would be broad enough to include the likes of OnlyFans.

Last week, the council discussed the matter at its work session.

Tuesday, the council considered the proposed ordinance again, and Gamroth offered this amendment to modify the definition of "performance prostitution."

It would add the word "touched" and the following phrase, "... and who is in the same building, structure, vehicle or area as the person or persons touched or touching."

The council adopted Gamroth's amendment and approved the ordinance.

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