Brass horns and keyboards, clarinets and strings, pieces and parts of dozens of musical instruments have been crafted together to form a beautiful and unique sculpture that now adorns the Donor's Wall in the Natrona County High School Auditorium.

The work is the creation of Casper metal artist Betsy Bower, who was tasked with creating the wall to honor major donors to the recent historic restoration of the John. F. Welsh Auditorium, as well as lights and equipment for the theatre and related classes.

Dubbed the "Musical Menagerie Mustang" by N.C.H.S. Principal Shannon Harris, the school mascot prances across the wall just inside the doors of the auditorium, along with musical notes bearing the names of the donors.

"It was an honor to be trusted with my creative instincts and sense of design to execute an idea like this. I also appreciate the opportunity to work in such a musical medium! I have always loved the NC auditorium and I know it is a place that the community of Casper cherishes." wrote Bower in a social media post.

Theatre Instructor Zach Schneider says they were looking for a unique vision for the donor wall.  "We wanted to have something special for our donor wall rather than just some sandblasted glass or etched stone. I wanted something to tell people when they walk in the door, 'art happens here.' This piece does just that."

Nestled among the instruments is a pair of theatrical masks that once graced a plaque given to the auditorium's namesake.  Schneider says they and were falling off the plaque. They decided to incorporate the masks, and therefore a memory of Mr. Welsh, into the design.

Schneider says the fundraising effort is ongoing to ensure funding for the arts at N.C. H.S. and people can still donate to the John F. Welsh fund through the district. If you'd like to know more, you can contact Zach Schneider at (307) 253-1670 or

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