Search efforts by Wyoming law enforcement focus in Casper as they continue to look  for 40-yr-old, Derrick Lee Brock, who went missing from his work detail with the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp minimum security prison last Friday.

Tim Lockwood, for the Wyoming Department of Corrections says, "We do have some leads that we've been following. Our efforts continue in the search for Brock. We've been working with local law enforcement. As of right now, some of those leads are pointing to Casper where there might be some connections. So there is a focus in Casper."

Brock apparently walked away from his forestry crew work detail at the Douglas fairgrounds early Friday morning.

The crew had been working at the site all week and Brock was reported missing at around 6:30 am. Brock, who is white, is 5 foot 8 inches tall, approximately 170-pounds, with a fair complexion, blond hair and blue eyes.

Law enforcement is focusing on the Casper area, but Lockwood didn't know the nature of Brock's connections to Casper or details about  leads. Lockwood says they are asking for area residents to keep an eye out and report any information and he stresses that the public should not attempt to approach Brock,but rather call law enforcement.

Initial response to the search, likely augmented by social media, has been big and resulted in many calls. Lockwood says this type of assistance is important.

"Anything that people might have out there that they can provide to us, were going to try to follow up on those and do everything we can to get him back in our institution as soon as possible."




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