A Bar Nunn man has admitted that he was involved in an auto burglary last year.

Brandon Pederson has pleaded guilty to one charge of burglary.

Investigators with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office say in March 2015, there was an investigation of 14 separate automobile burglaries in the Bar Nunn area.

In one case, about $5,800 of “Magic the Gathering” playing cards were taken.

A sheriff’s investigator contacted a local business that sold and bought the playing cards.

The business owner told the investigator that Joshua Bland came into his store to sell some of the cards, some of which were rare and expensive.

The burglary victim was able to confirm the authenticity of the stolen cards.

When Bland was contacted at his residence by investigators, it was determined that Pederson was living at the same place, and he admitted that he had a role in some of the auto burglaries.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors will seek first time offenders status for Pederson, which means if he completes a term of probation (to be determined later by the court), the guilty conviction will be cleared from his criminal record.

Pederson will be sentenced at a later date.

He was scheduled to change his plea earlier this month, but didn't show up to court, and when he realized it, he turned himself in.

Meanwhile Bland has pleaded guilty to his role in the case, and is waiting to be sentenced.

He was labeled by law enforcement as the butt-crack bandit. (Click on the link to see video)

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