A black bear wandered into the southeast edge of Casper Friday morning.

"Early this morning-- approximately 5:30 -- our Game Wardens trapped a black bear in the south east edge of town. The bear at that time was just resting in a backyard. It was removed as a precaution to prevent any human conflicts."

Robin Kepple from the Casper Area Game and Fish offices says the seven-year-old bear was unharmed and will be released back into the wild.

She says the bear didn't threaten anyone and it tried to leave the area when it saw people.  Game officials assume it wander down Elk Horn Creek from Casper mountain into town.

"The bear was tranquilized and loaded into a bear trap. He's actually right now on his way to be released into the wild, into an area where he hopefully won't wander into  town and get himself into any kind of trouble."

Kepple takes this opportunity to remind people that we live in bear country. She says its not uncommon for a bear to wander into town, so they ask residents to keep attractants stored away. Clean barbecue grills. Don't leave garbage out. Store away dog or livestock feed. And if you see a bear or mountain lion call wild life officials before conflicts occur.