On September 13th, as part of the Pet Parade activities at Washington Park, Wyoming Missing Canines will be holding a memorial service and balloon release for those who have lost pets.

Wyoming Missing Canines has documented over 150 dogs last year that were never accounted for and to date still remain "missing". In addition, pet owners lose animals to accidents, sickness and old age. Most of these owners never have a chance for closure, and the purpose of this memorial service is to provide an opportunity for people to deal with the loss of these pets.

Wyoming Missing Canines will provide balloons and materials for people to write a note to/about their pet and attach it to a balloon. The balloons will be released simultaneously at 12:00 from in front of the Washington Park Bandshell after a brief Rainbow Bridge service. There is no charge for this service, however participants are encouraged to bring an item of dog food which will be donated to Grant’s House of Pits to help with the cost of feeding animals currently at their rescue.

For more information contact Valerie Kulhavy, President Wyoming Missing Canines at 307-267-5866.

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