A Casper woman denies that she was driving under the influence with children in her vehicle.
Ashley Katen has pleaded not guilty to charges of DUI fourth offense, defeating an interlock device, and two charges of child endangerment.

According to the Natrona County Sheriff's Office, in middle May, a deputy saw Katen driving on sixth street in Casper, near McKinley at a high rate of speed.

After she was pulled over, Katen told the deputy she had been drinking the night before, and then drank some more, after she dropped her children off at school.

Her vehicle did have a functional interlock device on the ignition, and there was a twelve-pack of beer with two open cans inside.

A breathalyzer test at the time, showed she had a blood alcohol content of point one-seven.

Katen told the deputy that she had taken her two children to school earlier in the day, and was sober enough to start the vehicle, but one of the children told investigators, that he breathed into the interlock device.

Prosecutors say Katen has had three prior DUI convictions.

She remains free on bond and is awaiting trial.