Lander police have determined a report of an alleged threat by a student against the Lander Middle School on Wednesday wasn't true, the police department's spokesman said Thursday.

"Yesterday, we did receive a call from the Lander Middle School in which they received a Safe2Tell incident involving a possible threat made," Duane Kaiser said.

"Our detective investigated and it's still currently investigating, but at this time has labeled it 'unfounded' against any threat against the school," Kaiser said.

After the incident was reported, the school on Wednesday afternoon sent an email to parents of students telling them in part, "We are investigating that tip fully and will take appropriate disciplinary measures with those involved."

Kaiser said the detective still wants to talk to some people, but the student initially suspected was not a danger.

The person who submitted the Safe2Tell tip did not file a false report, rather they believed what they heard was substantial enough to report it, Kaiser said.

"Somebody might be having a bad day and say something one way and and then somebody else could tell somebody else the same version but put their twist on it or explain it in a different manner," he said.

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