All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is making their Colorado debut on Wednesday, December 28 and it's shaping up to be, well, quite the explosive show.

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TNT Champion Samoa Joe is set for a collision with Wardlow for the championship and if ever there was a case of big, meaty men slapping meat, this is it.

Additionally, Dynamite in Denver (well, technically Broomfield, but alliteration, y'know?) will see the 6th match between The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) and Death Triangle (Pac and The Lucha Brothers). This match will be a falls count anywhere match which means the match could end anywhere in the arena! Or, even, anywhere in Broomfield.

One of the most highly-anticipated matchups, however, will see Bryan Danielson take on 'All Ego' Ethan Page. It's one of the biggest matches of Page's career, and he wants as many people to see it as possible.

"For me, it's a big match in general, with Bryan being one of the biggest stars, or wrestlers, in wrestling," Page told K2 Radio News. "And, it's another opportunity for me to show what I'm able to bring to the table with AEW; both in the ring and on the microphone. It's just another chance for 'All Ego' to live up to the moniker."

And what a moniker it is. Page has been wrestling since 2006 and, throughout the next 14 years, he has cemented himself as one of pro wrestling's brightest stars. Page is probably best known in pro wrestling for his partnership with Josh Alexander, as the tag team 'The North' (both men are from Canada). But since his debut in AEW, Page has continually proven himself to be one of the company's untapped stars. He has all the tools to be a major player in AEW - he just needs the right opportunity. That opportunity may just be the match with Danielson on Wednesday. "With me, there's always layers that you've yet to see," Page remarked. "And then, when you've seen it all, I promise you I'll find new ones to show."  

That's a promise that Page can most certainly make good on. He already has. Page has won countless titles throughout his career in the independent wrestling scene. He's a 2-time World Tag Team Champion in Impact Wrestling. His star is on the rise in AEW and his goal is to be the best, each and every time he appears.

"My goals are to entertain every person that comes into the building," Page said. "I want to make them go home talking about whatever I did on the show that day. I used to live for online adoration, but I'll be honest - I get way more joy out of the people that pay for the tickets and come to the shows, knowing that I got them to boo me out of the building, or laugh, or just feel something. That's my favorite."

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That isn't to say, however, that he's content to simply "be a part of the show." He wants the titles. He wants the wins. He wants it all.

"I would love to win a championship," he said. "I'm a big history guy when it comes to leaving your mark. And I want my name to be attached to something with AEW forever. So, winning a belt; you're a part of the title history forever. So as that title changes hands over time, your name will constantly get brought up as someone that used to hold the title. So I want to win a belt to leave a legacy."

There's very little doubt that Page will win multiple championships in AEW, but his legacy, at the end of his story, will be about even more than that. The next chapter of that legacy will be told on Wednesday, in Denver, against Bryan Danielson. And Page promises that not only will his match steal the show; the show itself will blow people away.

"It's more than just a 'pro wrestling show,'" Page said. "All Elite Wrestling provides a form of entertainment that's unlike anything in the world. And to be in a seat, in-person, to be able to witness it live, is something you need to do. If you have the ability, if you live within a couple hours of driving, I promise you it will be worth it. Go experience All Elite Wrestling live. It will give you every form of entertainment possible. The in-ring action is wild. The characters are super entertaining. Everything is in your face, non-stop. It's the craziest show ever. The value of the ticket price is unmatched, I promise you. So get a ticket. Be there."

Tickets to AEW in Broomfield, Colorado can be purchased here.

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