Another hiker in Yellowstone National Park has died as the result of a grizzly bear attack.

The body of 59 year old John Wallace, from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was found Friday.

Park Spokesman, Al Nash, says Wallace, was traveling alone, and had pitched a tent in the Canyon campground sometime Wednesday and, either Wednesday or Thursday, set out hiking on the Mary Mountain Trail.

Listen hear for full interview with Park Spokesman Al Nash,

"On Friday morning a pair of hikers discovered what they felt was the body of a human male along the trail about five miles in from the trail head."

Nash says the hikers chose not to disturb the scene and contacted rangers.  Park officials then returned to the area where they found evidence of grizzly bear activity.  To be sure about the cause of death, they took the remains away to be autopsied. Results of the autopsy confirmed the death was caused by trauma received during a grizzly bear attack. Nash says park rangers are still looking for a bear and have set traps. He indicates they'll test DNA samples collected.

"We were able to collect bear hair samples from the scene of this incident and from the fatal attack that occurred in early July. Those samples have been sent to a lab for DNA testing and those results should be able to tell us if the same bear was involved."

The Mary Mountain trail area is closed to visitors until further notice.

A Board of revenue report, started on the incident in July when another hiker was killed by a bear in the park, is still pending.

"We will hold a board of review of this particular incident. Its certainly an opportunity for us to review what happened and to ask some questions about how we move forward."

Click here for link to story of first fatal attack in early July,