The principal of Kelly Walsh High School is offering $1,000 to any student who can identify the person who vandalized school furniture earlier this week.

Principal Brad Diller says at least one swastika was drawn in marker on a newer piece of furniture while students were testing. It was immediately cleaned upon discovery, and now Diller hopes to have a word with the person responsible.

Students say Diller took to the school's intercom earlier this week and offered $1,000 to any student who could identify the person who drew the swastika. He says several students have come forward with information, but not necessarily because of the money.

"I could have put out a dollar or an apple," Diller said Wednesday in a phone interview. "Our kids are proud of our school. They don't like to be represented in that light."

Diller says the students are the best part of Kelly Walsh, emphasizing that he's proud of the sense of community and caliber of character among the school's students.

And while plenty of folks might immediately pursue retribution, Diller is largely interested in the future of the student or students who vandalized the furniture.

"Whoever did this is probably a great kid too, they just made a bad choice and we can't let that slide," Diller added, saying he hopes to address whatever issue is at the heart of the vandalism and keep this action from developing into a pattern for whomever is responsible.