What exactly does Wyoming Food For Thought Project Do?

It's a seemingly simple question that has SO many answers.

A Few Of The Things Wyoming Food For Thought Project Does For Our Community

Here's a look at how Wyoming Food For Thought Project has worked to "change the system for good".

Wyoming Food For Thought Project's mission is powerful.

"Changing the system for good."

And how are they changing the system for good?

By creating local, sustainable solutions to hunger by empowering our neighbors and community, providing services and resources, and educating through programs and opportunities.

You can see many of the ways that Wyoming Food For Thought Projects helps feed Central Wyoming in the pictures above, and you can imagine the amount of money needed to make sure that all of this good can continue to happen in our community.

Tonight at Thankful Thursday you have a chance to help Wyoming Food For Thought Project with its mission.

The family-friendly event kicks off at 5 at the smoke-free Beacon in Mills. There are games and chances to win big, with a live-action kicking off at 6:30.

100% of what you donate goes to Wyoming Food For Thought Project.

I asked Donovan Short, a long time Food For Thought supporter what he wanted to share with me about the organization and he said;

The folks at Food For Thought have really been visionaries on creating the organization you see today - starting back with the Weekend Food Bags, feeding food insecure kids was what most of us came to know them and associate them by, but even then they had a broader vision of what the organization could become. From the small business incubation and food accessibility happening through their markets and Good Food Hub project, to reducing food waste and creatively repurposing food, to community revitalization through the gardens, the Free Store...and the list just keeps going and evolving to meet the moment. Casper's lucky to have them.

If you can't attend this evening's Thankful Thursday event you can support Wyoming Food For Thought Project's Mission by following this link. 


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