Chancey Williams is one of the fastest-rising musical artists to come out of Wyoming in recent years. He and his partner/fiddle player Brooke Latka, along with the Chancey Williams Band, perform all over the country, performing original songs and even a few covers.

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On Friday, Williams dropped his newest song, 'If I Die Before You Wake,' just in time for Veteran's Day.

The song, written by Dave Brainard, Dustin Evans, and Rick Tiger, is a moving tribute to veterans all across America, who put their lives on the line while the rest of us sleep comfortably in our own beds.

I'm back home now; I know you're probably sleeping.

Over here, it's the middle of the day.

I finally found some time to write a letter.

I'm sitting here, a half a world away.

I heard about all them folks protesting,

As if I really want this war.

But that don't stop me from believing,

There's just some things worth fighting for.

Then comes the chorus.

"And if I die before you wake,

I pray the world will take a good look at what God's given us.

That we can only understand

Everything is in his hands.

All we need is a little faith and trust.

I want you to know, it ain't too high a price to pay,

If I die before you wake."

They're powerful words; it's a powerful message.

Of course, the words are matched only by Chancey's powerful vocals. It's a song that means a lot to him, and it's one he wanted to be sure to drop on Veteran's Day.

"I wanted to do something to show my respect for all the priceless, American Veterans," Williams told K2 Radio News. "I knew my friends over at the Wrangler Network felt the same way. I've always liked this song that a couple of my friends wrote. We wanted to do a real stripped down version with just acoustic guitar and vocal. I'm really happy with how it turned out but, mostly, I'm proud to be an American and I can't think of a more important day than Veterans Day."

The song has very few frills, and that's by design. Chancey just wanted his voice, his guitar, and the words of his friends. They're words that speak volumes, to veterans and to those of us who honor them.

The music video for 'If I Die Before You Wake' can be seen below:

Concert of Hope Featuring Chancey Williams

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