A Wyoming woman is hoping to break a record at an event called the Grand Butterfly Gathering in Jackson Hole this summer.

Teresa Lawrence's goal is to bring together the largest amount of people ever dressed as butterflies to promote world peace on June 29th, starting in downtown Jackson. She has further urged the entire world to participate virtually.

"The Grand Butterfly Gathering is more than an event; it’s a symphony of human connection with nature. A beautiful epitome of human unity and nature’s symphony where Hundreds of people will gather dressed in butterfly costumes, creating a visual harmony at a beautiful location."

Lawrence is an attorney, an author, and the CEO/Founder of a non profit called the Trueness Project. Her linkedin bio says she is a Cuban immigrant who travels the world giving out books and speaking about the importance of teaching leadership in schools.

She believes that a mass gathering of people in vibrant butterfly costumes amidst a majestic mountain backdrop will create a spectacle fusing nature's grandeur and the creative spirit of humanity.

"Events like the grand buttefly gathering exemplify the power of unity, fostering connections and community bonds that transcend boundaries," writes Lawrence in a blog post. "In an increasingly fragmented world, moments of true unity become ever more precious. yet events rooted in togetherness, from local gatherings to global celebrations, possess unparalleled power to weave connections across diversity. They spotlight our shared humanity despite surface differences."

In another blog post she writes about the "Butterfly Effect" and how small acts of unity can create big changes, calling for more storytelling, neighborhood murals, and community cleanup/beautification days.

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Painting Mountain Mural at Occasions by Cory. Casper, Wyo., 7/28/23

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