A Wyoming man, accused of brutally beating an 83-year-old man, has pleaded guilty to charges in federal court.

According to a prepared statement from the US Attorney's Office, Shane Duane Blackburn pleaded guilty to carjacking and assaulting a federal officer during a change of plea hearing earlier this month.

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He could face up to 23 years behind bars and $500,000 in fines.

A criminal complaint states that the victim purchased groceries at a store in Fort Washakie the day before Thanksgiving. As he was leaving the business, the victim, an 82-year-old man, encountered Blackburn who was asking for a ride.

The complaint states as the victim was driving toward Lander, Blackburn reached into the back seat and started throwing things around.

In an attempt to get Blackburn to stop, the victim reportedly told Blackburn to "knock it off" and told him that he had a weapon under his seat. The "ruse' did not work and Blackburn became even more agitated.

Court documents allege that as the victim continued driving, Blackburn lunged at the victim and pinned him against the seat and the car door. Blackburn reportedly proceeded to "beat the hell" out of the victim.

The victim was able to pull over and stop the car.

The complaint states that Blackburn opened the car door and pushed the victim to the ground. While on top of the victim, Blackburn beat him and slammed his head onto the pavement.

After a Good Samaritan drove up to render aid, Blackburn reportedly drove away in the victim's car.

Blackburn reportedly went on to tell investigators that he took meth the day of the incident and was "freaking out."

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