The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is continuing efforts to fight a disease that plagues the state's deer, elk, and moose populations.

Chronic wasting disease [CWD] was discovered in Wyoming about 30 years ago and poses a serious threat to deer herds in some areas. Recent research also shows CWD seems to be killing elk in at least one part of Colorado.

Over the years, the Game and Fish Department has cooperated with other agencies to test vaccines and learn as much as possible about the disease.

Department director Scott Talbott says that so far there is no way to completely wipe out the disease, but adds Wyoming is working with other states to do everything possible to fight CWD. One collaborative effort developed a series of recommendations designed to slow the spread of the disease and reduce the number of animals affected by it.

The agency has also been involved with a study of whether hunting might help reduce the CWD infection rate.

While the disease is not considered a threat to humans, hunters are advised to use latex or rubber gloves when handling animals that may be infected with CWD and to avoid eating nerve tissue, just to be safe. Just as a general rule it is also a good idea to avoid eating any animal that obviously appears to be sick or acting strangely.