The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is reminding hunters to please be respectful while hunting private and public lands this fall.  “We have had a few instances of gates being left open and driving off road and we want to remind hunters the importance of their actions,” said Matt Withroder, Casper region access coordinator for the Game and Fish Department.

Withroder reminds hunters that access to private lands is a privilege and those using such lands should conduct themselves accordingly.  “Landowners who enroll their land in our access programs are doing the Game and Fish Department and Wyoming’s sportsmen a huge favor, and in return hunters should abide by the rules and respect the landowner and the land for continued usage of such properties,” he said.

These are a few simple things hunters can do make ensure continued access:

  • Pack out your trash
  • Leave gates as you found them
  • Do not drive off-road or when roads are muddy
  • Respect the land and the landowner and other private and public lands.
  • Essentially follow rules/regulations on lands enrolled in the Department's Access YES  program

Game and Fish also wants to remind people that public lands are often managed for many different activities, and asks that they be mindful of other users on public lands.

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