The Wyoming Office of Tourism's Film Office, last night, sponsored the world premiere of "...Epilogue," a short film by the 2012 Wyoming Short Film Contest winner Preston Randolph. "...Epilogue" premiered last night to a packed house at the Big Horn Cinemas in Cody. Randolph is a Cody native and his company is based out of the same northern Wyoming town.

Randolph won the Wyoming Short Film Contest for his film "Summer of '81" in 2012. The prize for winning the contest was $25,000 towards the production budget of his next shot-in-Wyoming movie, which turned out to be "...Epilogue." "...Epilogue" was supposed to be Randolph's 2012 short film entry, but he ran into some challenges during production.

Randolph said,

"As we reached the deadline of the 2012 contest, it wasn't going to happen,Everything wrong was happening, and of course a week to do something like that was insane, so we did the "Summer of '81".

The Wyoming Short Film Contest, much like the Film Industry Financial Incentive (FIFI) program, is an initiative designed to support local filmmakers and film-making in Wyoming. The 2014 Wyoming Short Film Contest is currently in the judging phase and the winner will be announced on May 2.

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