According to a press release, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming (BGCCW) hosted its 53rd Annual Meeting on Nov. 30 to honor its board members.

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Rhonda Zimmerman and Mitch Zimmerman were both honored for 20 years of service and each received a National Service to Youth Award from the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

On the BGCCW website, Rhonda is the owner of E and F Towing and Transportation, while Mitch is a Supervisor at WIS Computer Associates.

Board member Kim DeVore received a 10-year of Service Award while Cassie Kirkwood, Bill Cubin, and Tyler Holthouse received a National Service to Youth Award from the Boys and Girls Clubs of America for 5 years of service.

DeVore is listed as the president of Jonah Bank, Kirkwood is a community director, Cubin is a partner at the CPA Consulting Group, and Holthouse is the owner of River Valley Builders.

The Zimmermans and Kirkwood are on the board of directors, while Cubin, Devore, Holthouse, and Mitch Zimmerman are on the foundational board of directors.

All board members also received a certificate of appreciation for their service, canvas artwork, and a personal note of thanks from club youth.

Ashley Bright, the CEO of the BGCCW, said in the release:

"Our board members are outstanding community leaders who go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of youth who need us most. Their passion for being a game changer for youth is evident in everything they do," Bright said. "The difference they make, not only for the club, but for the state of Wyoming, is seen in their energy, encouragement, enthusiasm, inspiration, and determination."

At the annual meeting, the members of the board of directors stayed on for another year though the president, Brian Stack, will be serving his last year as president and will step down from that role next year.

The BGCCW also reviewed its year-end reports, which showed an annual revenue of $4,718,399 and $4,516,711 in expenses, with 87% of expenses due to youth development, and the rest was for the philanrophy development and program support at seven and six percent respectively.

For revenue, costs were split more evenly, with the going towards individuals, at 23%, followed by special events at 20%, program fees at 19%, private granst and foundations at 15%, government grants at 14%, and general contributions at 8%.

Bright said that going into the new year, they plan on focusing on the new buildings they have operating in Glenrock and Riverton and expanding mental health awareness in schools through the Social Emotional Learning for Youth program.

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